I searched the nation.  I waited on a list for my Maggie Mae to be born.  I picked her up last May.  She is the happiest pup I have ever known.  Even my vets agree (Village Vet & most recently… Live Oak.)  she has had the BEST medical care; including being spayed last month without a hiccup.  She enjoys other people, dogs, cats, kiddos and GOLF CARTING!  She talks and communicates in the most precious sheepdog ways…. Disney Girl.  She attends dayschool at Village Pet Spa and is completely socialized…. class president!!
I recently found out that I have a very serious medical condition.  At first, I thought I would just juggle attention for her with my condition.  I feel so guilty when I am gone so much and when I am home… I am exhausted.  My own grown children said it is not fair to her, but I have been selfish the past few months.  So, I am interviewing families or a new mom or dad 😢 for her; one that will provide her love, comfort, stimuli, social outings and more.  It will be a very sad day for me IF she goes to a new family, but in my heart, I know she deserves better.  Maggie is NOT a rescue and; that is why I have put a dollar amount.  I am only interested in someone or some precious family that IS WILLING TO INVEST in this precious girl. The asking price comes nowhere close to what I was willing to invest in her future, but unfortunately not knowing what would happen in mine.

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