Materials for Crafting with the Kids and Grandkids, starting at $2/lot! FUN!!!

These materials can be used to make fun crafts for when the Grandkids visit or when the Kids are home from school. The price of each lot is listed below. Buy them all and get a further discount. Making memories is what life is all about!

1. $12 – This lot includes 6 bags of various colors of Raffia, great for projects with the kids and grandkids! Includes a new bundle of Raffia in rust and an unopened bag of Raffia in red. Here’s a link to some Raffia craft ideas to inspire you. https://discover.hubpages.com/art/raffia-craft-projects.
The red unopened bag retails for $4.99, the rust bundle, also unopened, is double that size, so the price is a bargain for all 6 colors, most of which appear to have been unused.

2. $5 – This lot includes 3 bags of Twisted Kraft Ribbon in Red, Raspberry and Green. These make beautiful paper flowers, bows and so much more. Combine with Raffia, above, to make even more! Here are some Twisted Kraft Ribbon ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/danapearce9924/paper-twist-crafts/.

3. $8 – Lot of 9 NEW Grapevine Wreaths -1 6″ round and 3 6″ hearts, and 5 smaller round wreaths, one with wood decorations. Original tags on most. Retail now for these 6″ wreaths (tagged at 1.49 at time of purchase) is now $2.49. You get all of them for $8! Great projects to make for the holidays with the kids now.

4. $2 – Lot of two bags of Pipe Cleaners in red, black, and brown. I’ll leave you to look up pipe cleaner projects, as there are many uses from legs for ‘creatures’ to frameworks for wrapping with twist paper and so much more!

5. $6 – Glitter and Sparkle, Oh My! Whatever you are making, make it sparkle with any of the items in this lot of Glitter and Sparkle!

6. $10 – Styrofoam assortment includes 2 white cones 11.75″H (these retail for $5.49 each) and 1 green cone (partially decorated in glass beads) 9″H and 4 2.75″ round balls. With a round styrofoam ball, a couple of the pipe cleaners above, some twisted paper to cover the body, and a little imagination, you kids/grandkids can create creatures limited only by their imagination! With the cones, the kids can glue all sorts of things on the cones to make their own trees (see ‘nature assortment’ below for inspiration!)

7. $12 – Holiday Craft Accessories – This lot includes 2 wood “NOEL” pieces, 4 bags of jingle bells (imagine those hot glued to the styrofoam cones above, though the parents might not thank you for letting the grandkids make such a noisy craft project! Each bag of bells retails these days for $4.49 EACH bag.), 2 small twisted paper bows in red and raspberry (these, as well as the NOEL pieces would look great hot glued to the grapevine wreaths above, especially if you let the kids paint the wood “NOEL” pieces first to express their personalities!), and 2 wood painted snowflakes. I think this lot will go fast!

8. $4 – Nature Assortment – This lot includes a collection of acorns and wheat tops, great for decorating wreaths (see above), styrofoam trees & balls (see above), & more!

(Note, only 4 photos can be uploaded. If the lot of craft materials you are interested in is not posted, please contact me and tell me which number(s) you are interested in and I’ll respond with those additional photos.)

Local cash sale, exact change, please. Thank you.

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